Become content at heart...remain discontent and disobedient with the ego - not only our own but also others. Don't let the rules, projections and expectations of a society that doesn't see your true image define you.


Only become content and agreeable with the image of yourself  that's free from the limits of the ego. Only the soul will satisfy you and define the nature of who you really are.

The Passion of Saint Perpetua as excerpt from Meggan Watterson's Mary Magdelene Revealed

A Group Experience for Women 40+ Looking for

Meaning and Purpose in their Career and Professional Life.


There is a time in a woman's life where she has become all she felt she was expected to be... and yet she finds a craving for an expanded experience of life and of herself.  Convicted in knowing something more fulfilling and true awaits her, but unsure how to tap into the inner wisdom to transform her there.

This group coaching experience is for professional women 40+ who have experienced success in their career and are now ready for success on their terms; success that speaks to their heart and feels in alignment with who they really are.


Begins July 15, 2020

The search for answers starts here


This group coaching experience has been created to nourish the soul through community, content, and expert-level coaches. It's built for the ambitious and successful who are feeling a pull to explore more of who they are and move beyond a sole focus on linear professional achievement. 

During this 6-month coaching experience you'll learn a new take on traditional success frameworks as shared by Collective Gain Founder, Lizzie Alberga. You will also be assigned to a small-group of curated professionals and a dedicated coach to support you and your group's growth. 

It's at this point of our lives when we start questioning and wondering that we can experience incredible personal and professional growth.


UNDOING reframes the old paradigm of success and leadership to a new, modern, and energy-sustaining way to approach work+life.  This program delivers:


Soul-Filling Connections -

- Modern Work+Life Perspectives -

- Awareness of Bias + Limited Thinking -   

 - Leadership Skills x10 - 

 - Space to Receive Inner Wisdom & Reflect - 

 - Advanced Productivity Hacks - 






You are ambitious, have a robust professional background. 

You have a drive that is unmatched by most people you know.

You already have experienced some level of success.

You deliver, every time.

People come to you for help.

Application deadline: July 1, 2020 

Apply by June 19th and receive a private, bonus 60-minute coaching call.


Where we pause, reflect and decide how you want to move forward


Curated group of women professionals at the executive level​ who are taking a pause in their career to determine what's next or are currently actively seeking a new role/profession that is more inline with their true essence. 


An intimate 90-minute group coaching experience that explores a new facet of finding one's truth each week. This space is to support any and all insights, challenges, questions that come up as each participant moves through their experience of the content. 


Each participant will have access to our team of modern mystics who are available for each participant to access up to 2 sessions during the program for spiritual or energetic insight and healing. Using ancient tools and practices like astrology, intuitive readings, akashic records, energy work, etc open up new ways for us to relate to ourselves and offer clues to our truth.


An experience away from it all in community to come to some truths can be a heart and soul opening event. A thoughtfully designed experience with group discussion, 1:1 private sessions, and embodiment experiences will help you slow down and hear what is trying to get through.  


Discover Your Truth in Connection


Core Values

Bust limits and ceilings: 

Create freedom through awareness. Your current beliefs keep you right where you are unless you are open to new ideas.


Rethink control:

How are you holding yourself, your vision, your work? Explore the power of space, listening and letting go to inner wisdom. 


Uplevel your being:

Release old ways of relating to yourself and create boundaries and habits that deliver all of what you want.


Hear what's calling you: 

Redefine the idea of a strategic career and create a vision for the future from a foundation of truth and expanded reality.


Integrate all of it: 

What we push against controls us. Where we hold judgement limits impact. Explore bias, fear, and our shadows. (2-part series)

Inspired Action

Create from within: 

Experience the most powerful form of creation, inspired action. Play with receiving fully and being open to even better.

Participant investment

The three-month program is $2,250 paid in full or three payments of $750:

  • Twelve group coaching sessions (3x month) 

  • Email access between sessions for targeted support

  • Two alternative virtual sessions with a healer, energy worker, or mystic

  • A work-style behavior assessment and 30-minute private readout of your results

  • Community portal for connection, conversation and sharing

Retreat: not included in the price is an optional retreat in January 2021 - location and details TBD based on travel restrictions and health best practices. 

Scholarships: a limited number of scholarships will be provided for those in need of financial support. Email to request info.

Request to participate

If you have a desire to participate, the first step is to apply to join. You'll tell us a little bit about yourself then schedule a discovery call with Lizzie to learn more and share what you're looking to experience/how you want to grow.

We intend to support everyone and we also intend to create a strong group of peers who can learn and connect on a deep level.  If for any reason we feel this group is not a fit for you, we'll explore other options to support you.


Deadline to apply is July 1, 2020

Program beings July 15, 2020


Life • Leadership • Legacy

Live Your Truth