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Group Coaching Program

Kicking off Spring 2021

Lizzie Alberga has created a group coaching program built for ambitious professionals interested in a new way of working and living that satisfies the career and the soul.  








per month for 3 months

per person, 5 person minimum

for individuals

for teams

Colorful Abstract

Uplevel your career.


Often we are most satisfied with life when we are thriving at work. Join us to uplevel your contribution, leadership and happiness at work for more satisfaction and confidence.

Our focus is getting you back in your full power and expression. You will learn common leadership blindspots, uncover anything that's holding you back, amp your presence, uplevel your influence, and find authenticity in your approach to work.

A career can be an expression of who you are and a gift to our collective experience.  


Colorful Abstract

Your Relationship to Work

Week 1

How tied is your identity to work? Where we stand with something we are trying to cultivate is critical step 1.  Often, what we do overshadows who we are. We will lay the foundation of authentic leadership and define your intention for this experience.

Connecting to Your Truth

Week 2

Life has a way of growing us. When we enter the working world often our identity of who we feel we have to be becomes our essence... our truth. However, finding confidence to show up as our full self is the most powerful leadership tool that builds trust and retention.

A Strategic Career

Week 3

Leadership requires strategy. Do you have a career strategy? Gain clarity and create a vision for your work+life and learn what assets you need to gather now to build a future you're excited about. This is an exercise in soul as much as salary.

Stop Talking

Week 4

Space is the most underused tool in life and especially at work. Space comes in many forms, the one we will focus on is silence and the art of the "invitation". Learn when and how to use this tool for bonding, gathering more information, influence and exhibiting confidence.

See What's Not Said

Week 5

The two most powerful tools for a leader are listening and asking the right questions. Are you a pro at both? You'll become one after this session. Understand why listening and powerful question asking gives you leverage and improves the accuracy of your decisions. 


Week 6

You are what you tell people - and what you tell yourself. What story are you creating? Are you telling a story that yields respect and admiration or complexity and distancing? Learn the art of subtle self-promotion and befriend your inner voice. 

No One is Fooled

Week 7

What we believe about ourselves is what others learn to believe about us. Examine what beliefs are propelling you forward and reframe those which hold you back. There is no hiding from what we feel is a weakness and often, when faced, is actually our greatest asset.

How to Build Your Reputation

Week 8

One of the biggest things leaders are concerned with managing is their reputation. Often instead of showing up powerfully (with all of who we are) we become a smaller version of ourselves in fear. Learn how to show-up fully to claim who you are without the rub.

How to Influence

Week 9

Leadership boils down to one key skill: your ability to influence. What's required? Trust and access. We often miss opportunities to become influential. You'll learn how to identify the moments that are most opportune and how to be ready to seize the moment.

Getting Perspective

Week 10

Triggers are our best teachers. Learn tools to remain clam and therefore clear when you are triggered at work. We'll also dive deeper into why these triggers are present and how to reframe your understanding to stay in your power and influence.

Getting Promoted

Week 11

What holds people back from getting promoted is either their inability to show up as a visionary or their inability to be a powerful influence. Understand your pitfall, gain strategies to overcome it, and learn how to grow your career even when money is off the table.

Getting Your Story Straight

Week 12

Our careers tell a story, about who we are and what we've explored. A well-formed story can lead you to wherever you want to go next. Learn how to tie together where you've been and where you are going so you feel confident that where you are will lead to what's next.

BONUS: How to Hone Your Intuition


Using all parts of yourself at work will get you ahead. Learn how to hone your intuition so you have the advantage of anticipation, hidden agendas, and which moments are ripe with opportunity for your influence. 

Let's get to work...
This group coaching program is designed for professionals who are ready to growth their career by taking their leadership to the next level. 
Learn how to navigate, read between the lines, shift your mindset for influence, confidence and recognition.
Live Classes

Weekly 90-minute

group coaching session.

Weekly live sessions: learn, bond, get support on real-work+life  challenges.

1:1 Coaching

Access 24/7 to Q&A content and live video coaching.  

Laser-coaching support as often as you need it. Benefit from consistent support & access to peer questions.


Monthly virtual mini-pod session curated for your expansion.

Meet other inspired and ambitious leaders growing their career and connecting to their soul.

Content  Schedule
Highly interactive sessions with never-been-heard before take on leadership and career development tools and tactics. Sessions include content for learning and space for live coaching on what's top of mind.
Plus, explore different ways to engage deeply and build bonds even when working remotely. 
Start a new job during COVID? Even better. You'll need to hone all your skills to find your place, gain trust and develop influence while remote.
Banish common leadership blind-spots.

At some point in your career mentors, bosses and peers can no longer help you make big leaps in your performance. That's because there is incredible subtlety and nuance to growth once you've already achieved higher levels of success. 

This program is designed to bring awareness to how you maneuver, communicate and to boost your ability read between the lines so you can make better decisions. 

Lizzie Alberga has a unique genius in spotting what holds executives back; often it's a way of being or mindset shift that's needed to optimize presence.

This course is as much an opportunity to learn as it is to receive her watchful eye and gain insight that will immediately make a difference in how you show up.

Program kicks-off Q2 2021.


for individuals





per month for 3 months

for teams



per person, 5 person minimum

"You must take radical responsibility for your growth and perspective."

Lizzie Alberga

Your Facilitator & Coach

Lizzie Alberga.jpg

You've been to leadership coaching sessions before, you've worked 1:1 with an executive coach, you've read all the books. I know, so have I. Yet, there is something missing from all of it. You see, there is a subtly to success that is rarely talked about because it's so hard to quantify and teach. It's a skill of feeling, of presence, and courage. Not only routines, frameworks, and bullet points. It is strategy in the full and complete sense of the word that requires a deep connection to who you are and how you show up. Leadership and career success is an art. The person who wins has the advantage of seeing more than what's visible and has the skill to navigate it. This is what I do. I help you see the intricacy of your relationships (to your work, yourself, your life) and teach you how to maneuver for maximum impact.  It is my greatest joy to be a witness to all of who you are. What a gift, I am so very grateful.

Leadership Coaching Strategies, Harvard

Vertical Development Certified, Veda Institute

Trained Intuitive, Laura Day

10 years of C-suite executive experience

P&L management and GM roles

Get to know me more:

Blog  |  LinkedIn  |   My Story

Your Instructor


"Lizzie has a very empathetic, understanding, and adaptable presence. She is great at knowing her audience. I miss her!"

"This workshop was a great chance to think more introspectively about your strengths, interests, passions, and purpose. And Lizzie did a phenomenal job facilitating it all!"

"Lizzie brought a rare combination of calming yet energizing presence to this workshop. Her way of connecting insights from different colleagues created a safe space for individuals to reflect on their own journeys as well as relate to each other. I enjoyed the varied themes and research areas she drew content from including psychology, nature, and holistic healing. What a gift to be a part of this journey!"

"Lizzie did an outstanding job using safe analogies to address potentially sensitive or challenging work issues."

"Lizzie was patient and gave space. She was also a fantastic speaker."

Not ready yet? That's ok.

Join Lizzie on the next Community Call to gain insights, expand your thinking and be in community with others who desire to step into the whole of who they are.

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