Beyond executive coaching.


  1. Commit to seeing the full potential of each unique human being we meet. 
  2.  Match each one with the best coach for them: goals, personality, energy.
  3. Checkin, measure, and report on progress and make any adjustments needed.
Your partner for individual coach matching and large-scale coaching programs.
"To find the center of the room you must explore all 4 corners."
To truly unlock the genius within someone we must explore all of who they are. This deep self awareness builds confidence and self-trust which enables their full expression and contribution.

Our corporate coaching expands beyond work. We hold space for it all: relationships, habits, dreams, fears, downturns...  We coach the entirety of each unique human being we serve.


We focus our coaching on identifying and amplifying one's genius. Not the stories or the fears, the talent that comes naturally beyond the job title. Success is found here.


Within each human being is a mysterious wise self that continually gives clues to make work and life be better. We listen for this spirit and teach our clients to hear it too.

By examining how we react, think and engage with different aspects of our work we begin to take responsibility for our failures and are inspired by an expanded perspective.


Hire the best coaches, match them with the right coachee, and let them get to work.
We do not subscribe to one coaching modality. We find the most talented coaches and let them do what they do best: respond to each unique person with the best tools, approach and frameworks to shift the mind and empower their momentum.
Our coaches are trained in over 60 different types of coaching modalities from somatic coaching to vertical development. 
Spontaneous coaching has been proven to be the most effective form of support for real transformation. We show up to every session with our most powerful tools, our presence and our experience.
All our coaches do have one thing in common, a heart-centered whole-human approach. This results in that extra bit of magic clients experience with us.


“Beyond navigating a stressful time, my coach gave me the rare opportunity to think about what I love to do in my work and helped me build a path to focus on those things. This process has allowed me to continue to add more value to my team's work.”
“My job is extremely stressful and I have little to no support network. I honestly wouldn't be able to survive this job without CG coaching.”

“Coaching is a huge benefit and I'm very grateful to have the experience. It shows that the company is committed to helping its employees."

“1:1 coaching has been a game-changer for me. I have gained valuable tools that I can implement now and will surely carry with me through my career."
This has improved my working relationship with both my manager and direct reports, not to mention my broader project teams and client. I am more effective at my job and I feel better equipped to tackle stressful or challenging situations.”
"I had no idea what to expect from coaching but it's exceeded my expectations. I'm a big fan of this program and I truly hope I can continue working with my coach.”

"Finally, a corporate coaching experience that allowed me to be all of who I am."

How it works.

From 1 employee to 400, we deliver a highly personalized and effective coaching experience.

How it works:

Each participant begins our matching process online and then is connected to a dedicated onboarding specialist to complete their matching and kick-off their coaching. Three-month virtual coaching cycles provide uninterrupted support, opportunities to match with new coaches, and review data from the current cycle.

What's included:

  • Private, dedicated coach matched to coachee

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute virtual coaching sessions

  • Email support as needed

  • 15-minute SOS calls for laser coaching

  • Honest and confidential feedback reports

  • Intuitive coaches to remove energetic blocks 


Real Shifts


1:1 coaching has made a positive impact on their experience at work.



Coaching has enabled them to perform their best at work.

say coaching helped them feel inspired & motivated in their role


Find coaching support to be making a real impact, daily.



Coaching helped their leadership and in managing others.

Experienced a boost in productivity, clarity and focus.

What results are you looking to create? Schedule a call with a program director to see how we can support your teams.


Do you need us to plug into an existing program or help designing a L&D program from scratch? Custom support is available. Schedule a call so we can learn more. 


Offsite planning, staffing and facilitation for teams. These are out-of-the-box, deep experiences. Schedule a call to explore ideas.


For individuals looking to be matched with a coach or companies needing executive coach matching services, speak with a matching expert. 

Our best work starts within.

Start with the human.

Heal the business.

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