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Science-Backed Data + Heart-Centered Coaching
Collective Gain unlocks the connected genius of your organization. 
Unbiased Awareness
Team and Individual Work-Style Insights
Holistic Coaching
Large-Scale Coaching For All Levels

"A combination of practical problem solving and principles for how I work. Keeps my own values front and center, which frees me up to do my best work."



Professional Coaches | Talent Strategists | Modern Mystics

We work behind the scenes to actualize the full potential of each and every unique human being we serve. Our results are based on a highly-personalized coaching experience that supports mental, emotional and spiritual growth, at work. Because when we are activated - on all levels - genius flows.

96% Engagement Rate  |   95% First-Match Rate  |  87% Continuation Rate

This is the Collective Gain difference.



High-growth companies looking for forward thinking ways to connect and motivate their teams.  

Our Wow Factor

Our personalized DATA + HEART approach to professional development works.

“Few things are more important than unleashing human potential, and it appears that Collective Gain represents an important new approach to that sacred calling.”

R. Levin

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