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Dream Come True 

Getting clear on your intention:

Close your eyes and think about what feels like your destiny if all things were to go right. Imagine a moment in time when you look around your life and think, wow, I did it! That your biggest dream came true. 


Then pull out a journal and begin to articulate what feels so good. Is it being recognized? Is it being proud of yourself for persevering or not giving up? Is it because you gave back in a way that healed some of your own pain? 


Do this 3x over the course of a week. The first time may feel surface level or may even be an old dream or vision with yourself. Allow that to soak in and allow your subconscious to chew on it for a bit. Then do it again, and a few days later again.  Did you vision change? How did it evolve? Each time you revisit this dream you will move deeper and deeper into yourself - past the surface level consciousness we all tend to live in daily to a more expansive soul-truth energy. 


Take this vision, once it feels juicy and expansive, and write it in the presence tense using “I am” statements to describe what your life looks like. Do not worry if it feels so different from where you are now. Trust what you see and what you feel. 

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