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Collective Gain equips your executive team with the leadership mindset and practices required to scale.

We have developed a three step leadership
maturity model designed to harness the strengths of each leader, elevate communication strategies among the executive team and integrate strategic working across your organization.


 Self Awareness

Complete a science-backed assessment to understand your engrained preferences and why you do what you do. Eliminate victim mentality and develop a sense of ownership and accountability.


 Team Awareness

Understand, uncover and appreciate the genius around you. One-of-a-kind virtual coaching and in-person experiences designed to align your team and infuse clarity, energy, and understanding. 


Strategic Working

Customized operational consulting and training programs developed specifically for the gaps or needs of your team. Popular programs include mature leadership, the art of listening, and self-management 101.


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1:1 coaching has made a positive impact on their experience at work.


Coaching has enabled them to perform their best at work.


say coaching helped them feel inspired & motivated in their role


Find coaching support to be making a real impact, daily.


Coaching helped their leadership and in managing others.


Experienced a boost in productivity, clarity and focus.

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Actual data from our coaching programs

What results are you looking to create? Schedule a call with a program director to see how we can support your teams.

Executive Coaching


We find the right coaches for your talent.

Coach-matching for executives based on their goals, personality, needs and industry. We are experts in finding the right coach to support your leaders.

What's included:

  • Sourced and matched coach(es) for each leader

  • Customized development plan

  • Six months of coaching support "on retainer"

  • Two 60-minute calls a month plus as needed email and SOS calls

  • Manager and HR feedback at start and mid-point 

  • End-of-coaching wrap up

  • Option to add a qualitative 360 assessment

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Executive Coaching
Executve Team Alignment

Virtual Learning Programs

Virtual Learning
Virtual learning sessions or series of sessions on key areas of growth for your teams. Sessions can be 30-minute laser topic sessions for busy cultures or 75-minute interactive sessions. Curriculum designed based on your organization's need. Popular learning series:

  • Being the Leader You Were Designed to Be

  • Prioritization + Time Management

  • Managing Energy + Avoiding Burnout

  • Listening to Deliver Better Results

  • Finding Purpose in Your Work

  • Becoming a Mature Leader

Self+Team Awareness 

Using a science-backed workplace behavior assessment we are able to coach individuals and groups in a short period of time to better understand self awareness, peer relationship dynamics, team communication best practices and how to optimize the team’s operating style.

  • Private in-take session with CEO

  • Science-backed assessment + analysis

  • Private 1:1 results coaching session

  • Facilitation of team dynamics session

  • Strategy deck with team working styles

  • 1:1 coaching for integration of learning


“Beyond navigating a stressful time, my coach gave me the rare opportunity to think about what I love to do in my work and helped me build a path to focus on those things. This process has allowed me to continue to add more value to my team's work.”
“1:1 coaching has been a game-changer for me. I have gained valuable tools that I can implement now and will surely carry with me through my career."

“Coaching is a huge benefit and I'm very grateful to have the experience. It shows that the company is committed to helping its employees."

“My job is extremely stressful and I have little to no support network. I honestly wouldn't be able to survive this job without CG coaching.”
This has improved my working relationship with both my manager and direct reports, not to mention my broader project teams and client. I am more effective at my job and I feel better equipped to tackle stressful or challenging situations.”
"I had no idea what to expect from coaching but it's exceeded my expectations. I'm a big fan of this program and I truly hope I can continue working with my coach.”
Our best work starts within.

Our unique approach to team facilitation guarantees a fresh take on the often dreaded offsite experience. One-of-a-kind experiences designed to meet your goals. Turn key process that delivers exactly what's needed.

Three months of coaching for participants post-offsite guarantees integration of what's learned and protection of the time and money invested in the offsite experience. 


"Lizzie facilitated a three day team-building that did wonders for our team. It allowed us all to be both introspective as well as learn a great deal about our teammates and how they work (both what works well and what negatively affects others)."

"Each of us came away with something (or multiple things) to think about to enhance our own work and personal lives. Every single person felt that this was a gift. I would highly recommend this to friends, other teams in my organization or any of our partner organizations. I am so grateful!

"EXACTLY what we needed. We walked away more bonded as a team and laser-focused on our goals."

"We accomplished in 2 days what we had been trying to get done for 2 months. This is a brilliant process for teams to get aligned and get going quickly!"

Group session with Cowboy.jpg

"Lizzie at Collective Gain is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. We loved having her at our offsite retreat! She customized exercises for us that touched on very important matters that could often be awkward or difficult for people to discuss but instead made them fun and enlightening. It was a great way for our team to connect on a deeper level and figure out ways to improve on our professional relationships and communication styles."

Offsite Facilitation

everyone wins

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