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Alison Arnoff

Executive Coach

As a 25-year-tech-industry veteran, Alison has experience in a wide range of companies, including seven start-ups, resulting in five acquisitions and two IPOs. Alison understands the tech industry and her mission is to help clients in successfully navigating this complex world. She holds a Masters in Engineering and trained at the Coaches Training Institute, giving her a balanced view of both the technology and the human side to the industry – the excitement of the potential and practical demands of implementation. Alison understands the meaning of hard work, discipline and challenging oneself to grow as a Division 1 swimmer and former triathlete. She brings this same work ethic to her clients.

  • 25 years experience in the tech industry

  • Master's of  Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from USC

  • Trained at Coaches Training Institute

  • Worked at companies including Intel and EMC and 7 startups resulting in 5 acquisitions and 2 IPOs

  • Coached leaders at companies like IBM, Southern California Gas Company, RGP Consulting as well as consulting and coaching executive startup leadership across multiple industries

  • Consults companies on Sales and Marketing Strategies, Product Road maps and Fundraising

Alison Arnoff
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