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Professionals who found their calling... in coaching.

Powerful coaching. Loving approach.

Collective Gain coaches have robust professional backgrounds and an understanding that deep within a person resides its own needs, desires, and ideas. All of who you are is supported with all of who they are.



Masters or PhD


Quality Rating
By Collective Gain Clients



Professional backgrounds in:
79% Business   |   18% HR / L&D   |   3% Psychology 

"My coach goes above and beyond to support me outside our 1:1 sessions with useful exercises and articles."
"I could not have asked for a better coach."
"My coach is an absolute rock star. Full stop. She has single-handedly impacted my life in a massively positive way."



We build a custom coaching team based on the goals, style and energetic profile of the client. Most importantly, our team is always growing as we commit to matching each and every person with the right coach for them.

shrooti singh headshot.jpeg

"My coach has been an absolute game changer to not only my professional life but also my personal one. She has provided me with tools and resources and pushed me in ways that have made in uncomfortable (but in a very good way). I love how she challenges my perceptions and ways of thinking and helps me come to solutions all on my own."

-  Collective Gain Client


“ Throughout my time with my coach I have learned so many tools that I now apply to my everyday life that help me run my life the way that I want it, instead of having my work run me. It has helped me to slow down and focus on the life that I want to live instead of living day-to-day on default. I’m now more present with my family, I’m reclaiming my time and I’m even getting back out on the soccer field and doing fun things for me. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience!”

-  Collective Gain Client

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Getting Promoted

Working parents

Public speaking

Executive presence

Change management

Changing careers/jobs

Executive conflict

Authentic leadership

Team and group dynamics

Finding your voice


Life Purpose

Life Vision

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Brian Evans

No one-size-fits-all.

Personal Matching

Our 96% engagement rate is because of the way we privately match each and every participant in our programs. Trained matching experts interview each coachee and match them with the right coach, for them. This session is live, confidential and opens the container for honest coaching to begin.

Specialty Coaching

We personalize an individual's coaching  with specialty coaches like speaking and wellness coaches, and with modern-day mystic coaches such as astrologers, akashic records, and intuitives to support growth across all levels of a human being so they show up fully activated and engaged.

Meet Your Account Team


Jeannie Achuff, ND

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Business Development/Partner Marketing, health nerd, energy curator.


Predictive Index Scholar

Enneagram 9

Gemini Sun

Virgo Moon

Libra Rising

Cassie Conklin.jpg

Cassie Conklin

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Social Media Strategist, yogi, spreads the message of Living your Truth through social media.


Predictive Index Operator

Enneagram 9

Sagittarius Sun

Taurus Moon

Gemini Rising

loren headshot.png

Loren Andrade

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Coordinator, optimist, keeping everyone on track and paid.


Predictive Index Craftsman

Enneagram 7

Pisces Sun

Gemini Moon

Cancer Rising

Lizzie Alberga 1.jpg

Lizzie Alberga

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Founder & CEO, nature advocate, mischief-maker with BIG ideas.


Predictive Index Persuader

Enneagram 7

Capricorn Sun

Taurus Moon

Pisces Rising

Korie Telfare.jpg

Korie Telfare

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Operations Manager, keeps wheels on the bus.


Predictive Index Artisan

Enneagram 2

Leo Sun

Scorpio Moon

Taurus Rising

Christine Meier.png

Christine Meier

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Director of Corporate Partnerships, traveler, advocate for supportive & engaging workplaces.


Predictive Index Collaborator

Enneagram 6

Aries Sun

Leo Moon

Virgo Rising

Imagine the potential of unlimited potential.
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