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Alternative Sessions

"Transformation reminds us that we are more than we think; that a spirit, or our authentic self, lives deep within and wisdom and insight if we can hear it. Some of my biggest moments of growth happened in spiritual and alternative coaching sessions. An every client who experiences a session alongside their coaching gains a deeper experience of themself and their purpose."

-Lizzie Alberga

Collective Gain believes in whole human coaching, focusing on mind, body, and spirit.  These alternative sessions are meant to provide you with a new perspective to look at yourself and your life.  Many times, clarity comes when we are not processing with our mind, but stepping back and allowing spirit and intuition to take the front seat.

A la carte sessions start at $250 for a one-hour session.  Join our Coaching Membership to get access to monthly coaching and alternative sessions on demand.

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Astrology Reading

Your astrological birth chart, aka natal chart, is like a "cosmic blueprint" for your life that outlines your soul's purpose, personality traits, challenges and key themes in your life. Natal chart readings are a powerful tool to help you gain a greater understanding of who you are, and clarity around who you are intended to be.

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Akashic Records Reading

Akasha is a belief that every thought, action, and intention that has happened and will happen is imprinted on a higher energetic plane, an Akashic field. These vibrational imprints are the Akashic Records. When we work in the Akasha we can find insights from your past life, subconscious or traumatic impacts from your present life, explore future possibilities, and more. Using a metaphor: the Akashic Records are like Google- we can’t see it, but it holds the answers to everything.

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Intuitive Reading

In a reading, an intuitive can offer information, advice, and clarity about many aspects of your life, such as past, current, and future relationships, life paths and/or transitions, family, career, and finances. Please note that we all have free will, which means we have the ability to create and influence the future.

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Holistic Gut-Brain Coaching Session

Your gut is your second brain. When you begin to notice you're feeling more anxious, struggling with a foggy brain, getting easily distracted or feeling exhausted then likely you are suffering from poor gut-health. When you work on your gut health, you begin to uncover the patterns, traumas and poor lifestyle habits that have been getting in the way of peak performance. This session is designed to begin reprogramming your gut to align with the mindset you need to create the life you desire.

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Distant Reiki Session

Reiki is an energy healing practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks and promote physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing and well-being. This session is designed to help you reduce stress, gain clarity, and recharge your energy.

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Crystalline Soul Healing

Crystalline Soul Healing is an energy healing modality that works deeply with the soul. It is an alchemical healing Template that reprograms the instructions and interactions of the DNA through your Higher Self. It is based in ancient Lyran methodology and heals patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication. It begins with a brief conversation, followed by the healing where you sit and tune into what you are feeling, and ends with a conversation about your experience.


Resume Refresh

This session is for those who desire expert support to strengthen their working first draft or completed resume. If you need more extensive support, like creating a resume from scratch, please email us at before booking this session.

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Tap into your Intuition

Everyone has intuition, but not everyone knows how to tap into it. Getting out of our head and connecting to our body is a powerful way to connect to our intuition. In this guided session, we use a mix of movement and stillness practices designed to support you in becoming more intentionally aware of the sensations within your body. And through additional practice, guided or on your own, as you continue to recognize and become more familiar with your body's signals, you'll more easily access your intuition. When you schedule this session, make sure that you have access to a private space where you can move without feeling self-conscious.

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Human Design Reading

Understanding your Human Design is like getting the energetic operating manual for yourself in this life so that you can live, work, and operate with less friction and more ease. Using your birth information, your unique chart will uncover the nature of your energy and how you are energetically designed to move through the world without resistance. It will teach you about your innate strengths, the best uses of your energy, and provide personal and reliable tools for making decisions that are in alignment with your unique energetic anatomy. It will teach you about how you affect and influence others, where you are most susceptible to conditioning and getting off track, will shed light on common themes and patterns in your life, and give you tools to navigate those themes with more grace and ease. It is a system for self-understanding, self-optimization, and radical self-acceptance with practical tools for learning how to make self-honoring decisions. You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, why you’re here, and what it means to align your life-path with your higher purpose and will walk away with practical, actionable steps to unlock ease in every area of your life.

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Health Coaching and Advocacy​

How is your physical health? Many of us have the odd symptom we don’t pay attention to until it gets loud, or we have a collection of “unrelated” symptoms that concern us, but we have no idea who to ask for help or how to find the right path through the medical system. Furthermore, some people want an alternative to the conventional system, but don't know where to begin. These sessions are available to help you make sense of what is going on with your body and connect you with the right healthcare providers to get you feeling well again. (Please note: these sessions are not doctor’s visits and will not include a diagnosis or a treatment plan).

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes

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