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Conscious leadership developed from within.

Private 1:1 coaching, executive coaching and custom-designed training to equip today's ambitious professional with the maturity and awareness to thrive.

Collective Gain is an executive development company that is dedicated to  equip CEOs and ambitious executives with new awareness and approaches on how thrive personally and professionally in modern work.

The result is a reawakening of the human within the executive that inspires a form of conscious leadership that moves workplaces and their people from a vicious cycle of depletion to a virtuous cycle of collective gain.

1:1 Coaching

Private coaching to support executives and CEOs with optimizing their leadership, solving complex people challenges and cultivating more overall life+work satisfaction.

Executive Team Offsites

Unique, custom-designed in-person experiences to bond your team, align priorities and infuse clarity, energy, and understanding to deliver the results you promised.

Executive Team Coaching

Dedicated support for a CEO and their team that straddles coaching and consulting to optimize team communication, dynamics, and operations. 

Company-wide Virtual Training

Customized learning programs for the gaps of your team. Popular programs include mature leadership, the art of listening, and finding purpose in your work.


Professional Coaches to Modern Mystics

Our coaching team is made up of executive coaches, talent strategists, and the highly intuitive. We are system-aware professionals who have found our calling in coaching.


We use a multi-modal approach to executive development, sourcing from modern tools to ancient ones. Each person is unique in their development process and we use what's necessary to spark their leadership evolution.

Expertly designed, sourced and facilitated coaching for an eye-opening and transformative coaching experience.

Online Coaching for Everyone


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"The most effective growth initiative we brought in all year... and the one I heard the most positive feedback about."

-CHRO, Advertising

"The perfect balance of strategy and soul. I was supported in all areas of life and work."

-Founder, Food

"The most human corporate coaching program I have experienced yet."

-Dir. Product, Facebook

"The Collective Gain team is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. They customized exercises for us that touched on very important matters that could often be awkward or difficult for people to discuss but instead made them fun and enlightening."

-Learning & Development Manager, TBWA

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