Personal and professional development for today's leaders.

Most people operate unconsciously. We return professionals to their full power through truth, understanding and wholeness.

Conscious coaching for ambitious professionals who want the best out of work and life.


Group Coaching

Commit to growth, together. Group coaching programs to foster connection, introspection and clarity. 

1:1 Coaching

Science-backed, holistic coaching to transform the way we think and work from the inside out. Support one or up to 400 people at once. 

Virtual workshops offered each month on our Collective Gain community calls. Custom workshops also available. 

"The most effective growth initiative we brought in all year... and the one I heard the most positive feedback about."

-CHRO, Advertising


"The perfect balance of strategy and soul. I was supported in all areas of life and work."

-Founder, Food

"The most human corporate coaching program I have experienced yet."

-Dir. Product, Tech

The Collective Gain team is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. They customized exercises for us that touched on very important matters that could often be awkward or difficult for people to discuss but instead made them fun and enlightening."

-Chief of Staff, Advertising



Professional Coaches | Talent Strategists | Modern Mystics

We work behind the scenes to actualize the full potential of each and every unique human being we serve. Our results are based on a highly-personalized coaching experience that supports mental, emotional and spiritual growth, at work. Because when we are activated - on all levels - genius flows.

97% Engagement Rate  |   95% First-Match Rate  |  87% Continuation Rate

This is the Collective Gain difference.



Engaging, retaining and inspiring talent.

“Few things are more important than unleashing human potential, and it appears that Collective Gain represents an important new approach to that sacred calling.”

R. Levin

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