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"Lizzie is a visionary leader who is on a mission to bring customized coaching, in all its glorious forms, to everyone. She is not only waking and shaking up the corporate world, but also showing the everyday person that coaching is not just for the elite."

Meet Lizzie

Founder & CEO, Collective Gain

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Lizzie Alberga is the CEO and Founder of Collective Gain, a nature advocate, corporate coach, and former marketing executive at dot-coms. She started Collective Gain out of a desire make work better, where being on a magic team was the norm vs. a rare chance occurrence. Through coaching, Lizzie discovered deep self-awareness, new perspectives and ways of working that would have greatly benefited her, her teams and the companies she supported. Collective Gain is Lizzie’s mission to help millions awaken to their own potential and to redesign how we experience work for the betterment of all involved. Lizzie lives in North Carolina on 7 acres of wooded land and forest creatures.

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the full story...

Hi, I’m Lizzie.

Like so many of us, I lived the life I was supposed to. Get good grades, keep out of trouble, find a good job, stay in shape, get married, have a family…and work hard at all of it! Achieve, accept, accommodate, compromise. Follow the safe, predictable, proven successful paths — and be happy!

Constant achievement is addictive. When you get paid a bigger salary with every job, take fancier vacations for every anniversary, do deeper downward dogs at every yoga class, Instagram more cute-kid pics every weekend, and all-around outdo everyone around you, you feel safe. You get praise, which means you have value. Right?

I was a VP by age 30 and making three times as much as most of my peers. By the time I was 35, I had also become a triathlete, started a social give-back project, gotten married, had three children, bought a house….then a bigger house…and began public speaking on “how to have it all.” I did, after all, have it all. My life was exciting, fun, rewarding!! I had prioritization and planning figured out, and the system I developed to manage it all worked…until it didn’t.

After 13 years of getting promoted every year, climbing, climbing, climbing, the lifestyle that came with the senior executive/working mom title stopped being as satisfying. Hitting quarterly goals, launching new products and winning an argument in a politically charged corporate environment just didn’t seem worth it anymore.

It stopped feeling like “I had it all” and instead started feeling like I was trapped — “let me out!!”

So then, for two years, I changed jobs, thinking that would fix this stifling feeling. What I found was not what I wanted, but exactly what I didn’t want. And then, each time I felt compelled to change my life and pursue something different, my mind would respond with why I couldn’t: “You can’t quit your job, you have a family to support. It would be such a waste to get off the corporate executive path. What will you put on LinkedIn? What will people think of you and what you’re capable of?”  I became the victim of my own limiting beliefs. Those two years I spent uncomfortable in my own life were life’s first gift for my new journey.

So, I quit.  I started down a road where I didn’t know exactly where I was going.  But I was taking those first steps in faith, and all I knew was that I was finally following what felt right for me.  I was finally taking steps towards what I was placed on this earth to do.

However, arriving at “this is who I am and what I am here to do” didn’t happen right away. After months of tossing and turning in bed at night wondering what was wrong with my meticulously-planned life and how I was going to fix it, I had a very strong gut feeling to call a woman I had met a year previously and ask her for help.

She was a coach I’d met socially by chance. I wasn’t looking for a coach. But for some reason, one had appeared in my life and 365 days later I understood the reason behind that chance meeting.

After an initial session with her, I sensed how much work I had to do to really step into who I was. So, I hired her and we got to work.

With her guidance and some intense personal discovery, I finally figured out what really brought me joy and felt right — not surface-level happiness, but deep, soul-filling joy.

  • I identified and articulated my life values; what I needed in my everyday to feel complete.

  • Created a life map filled with I AM statements that helped me see a vision for my life.

  • Began discovering and removing limiting belief after limiting belief.

And what do you know … it all started to become clear. What my personal mission was. How I wanted to serve. My purpose.


If you remove the expectations of what you should do …

Clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back …

Identify what brings you joy and what you’re drawn to …

… you will, in fact, arrive at your purpose.


Turns out having the one-on-one support of someone to see what you don’t, call you on beliefs that don’t serve you, and push you to outdream your own dreams is exactly what I needed to step off the path of obligation — path of shoulds — and start floating through the world on my very own magic carpet, the one that will take me wherever I want to go.

You have to do the work. You gotta get deep. And to get deep, you have to be willing to unpack yourself — even those hidden-away parts that you thought you never wanted to see again.

It can get uncomfortable, but don’t you feel soooo much better once you clean out a part of your house you’ve neglected for years? (Hello, garage!) Having a coach ask you the right questions helps you call BS on beliefs you didn’t even know you had. It challenges what you think you know and what feels safe. It allows you to decide, consciously, to step into something bigger … your full self.

Hey, I might have gotten 90% of the way there on my own by reading any one of the 50 self-help books I had on my bedside table, but it was the unpacking, reframing and perfectly-timed introspective questions that really led to my transformation. An expert — someone whose purpose in life is to help people realize their full potential — helped me with the tools and mental framework I needed to create the life I wanted. Yes, I did the work, but they showed me where to look so I could see what I hadn’t seen before. Unlimited possibility in all directions: work, love, motherhood, self, community…

It took me four months of interpersonal work with my coach to fully articulate what I felt called to do. I spent those four months removing layer after layer of judgments, assumptions, “musts” and “shoulds” that I’d picked up along the way. Once the baggage and limitations were removed, a whole new world opened up.

I could actually see, for the first time, a blank page I could write my own story on.

Six months later, I stepped into a fuller expression of myself and launched Collective Gain with the mission to lead professionals in a new way to work. 

I want to revolutionize how people in the workplace connect with each other, how they connect with themselves, and how they connect with the mission of the company.  Because I want to live in a world where our collective experience is that of magic instead of hustle. Where the invisible is as important as the visible, and where satisfaction comes from doing our most important work: becoming who we were designed to be.

At Collective Gain, we do this through 1:1 coaching support and unbiased self-awareness toos that foster individual and collective growth.  And this growth goes beyond professional performance, but what it means to be a human being, a leader, a global citizen. When people are activated across all aspects of their life, they find meaning, fulfillment and create extraordinary results.

No matter what stage of your career you're in or how successful the company you lead is, there is always room for clarity and expansion.  The world needs you, and us, to create the best possible outcome together. Welcome to Collective Gain, we're so glad you're here. 


Live Your Truth

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