Our Philosophy

We support businesses becoming

conscious businesses.

It's time for businesses to use a new playbook. One that puts purpose before profit, not for the sake of it, but for it. It's been proven, over and over, that businesses that take a conscious approach to business experience higher returns. In fact, 10x higher returns.

And highly engaged employees are found within companies who take a holistic approach to business.  There is so much more potential awaiting our people, our teams and our businesses. 

Did you know that only 15% of employees are putting forth their fullest effort?  We’ll say that again, 15%. Now, you might think that sounds like a glass-half-empty situation. Rather, 85% empty. But at Collective Gain, we see this as a best-case scenario. Not to mention, our calling.

We've spoken to hundreds of employees who are about to receive coaching and what we see is inspiring. Employees have so much potential within. They are literally bursting at the seams with productivity, creativity and ingenuity. They are wonderful human beings that simply need the space, the support and the insight to unlock all that potential. The opportunity to awaken. And to deliver their true – whole – self to the betterment of their life, and yours.


This is what we do.
We empower people, not fix them.
We activate (and awaken) the human mind, not motivate it.
We inspire fully-alive human beings... not better workers.

This is how magic teams, magic companies, are born. 

The Collective Gain for your business will be experienced immediately in your people, in your products, in your bottom line. Join us and other successful companies on the journey to become a conscious business where profits, employees, customers, and the planet, all win.


Start with the human. Heal the business.




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