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Executive Intervention

Our Approach

Using data and heart=centered coaching tools, we work with individuals and teams to heal soured relationships. Our proprietary approach follows a path of mutual understanding and strategic working agreements in order to build trust, create alignment, and ultimately a return to cooperative working.


Our process to executive intervention:

2 sessions

1) Self-awareness: coaching + motivational needs assessment help each participant better understand themselves. Including where they have triggers and what beliefs they hold which keep them separated from deeper understanding of another.


2 sessions

2) Awareness of the other: we review the motivational needs assessment with the participant(s) in private so they can begin to understand the other side. Where they are coming from, who they are, how they are wired. This creates an unbiased space to see clearly without emotional triggers.


2 session

3) Asks + Gives: development of crucial business asks and articulation of what they are willing to offer and contribute to the relationship. 


1 session

4) Intervention Session: a session with all parties involved (often 2 executives and 1 coach) to review each other's asks and gives. Structured and moderated session to ensure safety and clarity of information. 


2 sessions

5) Strategic Alignment: working session with all parties involved to outline strategic approaches and ways of operating to support the ask each executive had of the other. This looks like working processes, communication methodology, behavioral agreements, etc.


As needed

6) Ongoing SOS sessions: private sessions to support each executive as they navigate the newly revived relationship with immediate and urgent access to their coach to help steer, advise and reflect to ensure continued harmonious and mature working. 

"We already seen such a difference in their interaction and behavior. And in only 3 weeks time!"

"For the first time I can see how I contributed to the challenges we are facing. That was the first step for me toward repair."

"I am not only seeing this whole relationship from a new perspective, I am seeing myself differently, too."

"We tried to fix things on our own, it only made things worse. We are thrilled at how quickly you made progress."


2 Executives


Flate-rate pricing that guarantees a better working relationship. While we estimate each person will receive 10 private sessions of coaching, we do no limit the amount of outreach and interaction or involvement. If we must meet with each executive 40 times, we will do that. Price remains the same.

Up to 4 Executives


Flat-rate pricing that guarantees an outcome which includes process and functional communication to ensure collaboration and continued development of the relationship.

Team Intervention

Price varies based on size and approach needed.

This is often needed to support teams who are newly formed by combining two previously separate teams or when a merger or acquisition assumed two teams together who have clashing cultures, expectations, fear or other challenge to overcome.

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