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Pilot a Program

Trial a Collective Gain program at your company. Our three-month pilot program allows you to experience the benefit of 1:1 support using science-backed data before integrating it into your larger organization.

What we support:

  • collaborative working

  • growth mindset & innovation

  • effective communication

  • empowered leadership

  • work+life management

  • productivity, clarity and focus

  • happiness and morale

How a pilot program works:

  1. Executive team debrief on goals and needs

  2. Creation of custom coaching team

  3. Pre-pilot survey and baseline feedback

  4. Onboarding and matching of participants to their dedicated coaches

  5. Private and virtual coaching sessions

  6. End of cycle reporting & experience feedback

Pilot programs start at $10k.

Tell us a little about yourself.  A program director will reach out to connect with you.

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