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Christine Meier

Executive Coach

Christine is a certified professional coach with twenty years of professional experience working in marketing and business development. Fourteen of those years were spent at Google where she had the opportunity to experience first hand a company’s evolution from start-up to global brand. At Google, she successfully grew her career in various business development roles across three regions within the organization. Christine’s coaching combines her years of professional experience with her dedication to support others that are seeking success along their current career path or wanting to make a complete career shift. Her approach is to form a strong collaborative partnership with her clients to drive them forward in reaching their goals and unlocking their potential. This includes gaining clarity on what they truly value, building confidence, defining their brand or leadership style and managing that inner critic that can hold many back from exploring new possibilities and opportunities.

  • Trained and Certified with the Coaches Training Institute.

  • Certified with the International Coaching Federation

  • 20 years professional experience in marketing and business development

  • Coached leaders in organizations like Google, Salesforce, Twitter, Media Arts Lab and more.

Christine Meier
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