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Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Collective Gain was started out of the spirit of wanting to bring coaching to more people - that everyone can benefit from heart-centered, whole human coaching. In light of recent events it's become clear that it is critical that we be able to see, coach, and have a perspective beyond our own... to understand the system we're part of, how we choose to operate in it, and have awareness of others' experiences through their own words.  

Our coaches are completing courses now on diversity, inclusion, and systemic bias in order to serve the greater community better.  Below are some of the courses that we recommend.

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Culture of Whyteness: The Basics

by Louiza Doran of According to Weeze

Part 1: Racial Constructs and The Culture of Whyteness

Part 2: What is whyte identity and internalized Whyteness?

Part 3: Frameworks of Oppression

Part 4: Authentic Accompliceship

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Whiteness at Work

by The Adaway Group

We know from experience that urgent action without analysis causes harm. Spend July with us building your anti-racist analysis–as an individual, as teams, as leaders.

Together we can start to name and root out racial inequity, create collective power and imagine new ways of working. 


Freedom School

by The Adaway Group

Freedom School will give you the analysis and intellectual framework you need to think critically about oppression and liberation. The entire 12 months will be grounded in the black feminist perspective.


Pivot into Equity

by Dive in Well

This Black and Brown led series is for White Allies in wellness looking for education on building a sustainable and decolonized business. This is a course where White identified people can practice their allyship and listening skills, and BIPOC who choose to opt into the series can practice their leadership and taking up space in a diversity-first atmosphere. 

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