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Collective Gain's mission is to empower you to lead the life you were designed to. Get access to powerful 1:1 coaching for your work+life goals.  

Modern Leaders Seeking Better


We take the guesswork out of what type of support you need to define and achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Personalized Coach Matching

We match you with two coaches to meet, you select which you like best. Our success rate is 98.5% positive matching on the first match. 

Experienced Coaches

Seasoned and experienced coaches with successful professional careers share strategies you can use for a lifetime. Plus, enjoy a heart-centered and holistically-minded approach. 

Responsive to Your Needs

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  At any time we'll match you with a new coach if your goals change or you crave a new approach. 

Speciality Practitioners

Our whole-human approach includes access to modern-day assessments and ancient one's, too, so you can get data and new insight to learn who you are and why you're here.


Professional Coaches to Modern Mystics

Our coaching team is made up of executive coaches, talent strategists, modern mystics, and the highly intuitive. We are soul-aware professionals who have found our calling in coaching.


We work in the invisible: beliefs, ideas, desires, fears...  to actualize the full potential of each and every unique human being we serve. All modalities and all people are welcome here.

Our only goal is to help you actualize yours.

This is the Collective Gain difference.

Online Coaching for Everyone

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"The most effective growth initiative we brought in all year... and the one I heard the most positive feedback about."

-CHRO, Advertising

"The perfect balance of strategy and soul. I was supported in all areas of life and work."

-Founder, Food

"The most human corporate coaching program I have experienced yet."

-Dir. Product, Facebook

"The Collective Gain team is very knowledgeable and thoughtful. They customized exercises for us that touched on very important matters that could often be awkward or difficult for people to discuss but instead made them fun and enlightening."

-Learning & Development Manager, TBWA

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