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Coaching Support That Evolves As You Do.

We're so glad you're here.

When you become a member of Collective Gain you get access to:

  • a full network of coaches, healers and modern mystics

  • coach-matching to the perfect coaching team for you

  • flexible support, from executive coaching to energy healing

  • 24/7 access to development content, tips, guides, and more

Life will never feel the same.

Live human-to-human support for your complete benefit.
We exist to empower your full potential and deepest truth.
Often your greatest talents lie dormant underneath the surface. Discover the depths of who you are and empower your greatest gifts to come forward.
Scale up or down your level of support anytime.

Laser Coaching

Always have someone to go to with our live 1:1 asynchronous video-based coaching. Ask a question at any time and receive 1:1 laser coaching via our community app. Access to all content from current and previous participants 24/7. Never feel like you're in it alone.

$79 per month

Group Coaching

Continuously offered group-coaching to support learning and an expanded perspective. Each session is 3-months long and focused on a specific area of life+work. Learn, meet new friends, build momentum to create what you want.

*Includes Laser Coaching.



Private Coaching

Get private, 1:1 support from a dedicated coach matched specifically to you and your goals. Included is access to our whole team of coaches: executive, energy, and intuitive coaching. Swap in sessions of alternative or speciality coaching as needed.

$550 to $1650 per month

Example of Topics Covered
  • How to develop resilience
  • What to do about office gossip
  • Why listening is great power
  • The art of giving feedback
  • Strategy of communication
  • Judgement as awareness
  • Developing a mindset of I CAN
  • Relationships + triggers
Current Group Session
Example of Support Given
  • Private 1:1 coach matching
  • Dedicated private coach
  • 120 minutes of live calls
  • As-needed email support
  • Price based on coach experience
  • Options to swap in: astrological reading, mind-gutIntuitive guidance, reiki, and more.

"Becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn't end."



Why Membership?

There is no one size fits all.

Dynamic support programs with executive coaches, modern mystics and energy coaches. Your very own whole-human support team hand-picked just for you.

Our membership responds to your needs.

Scale up, or scale down, your membership anytime. As you grow and life happens, shift the level of support you need. We meet you where you are.

We're in this with you.

We are here all along the way. Your Collective Gain guide is available to recommend resources, match you with the practitioners, and suggest new modalities to support your growth.


Stay even when it's hard.

Growth is rarely a linear experience. There are ups and downs to living into our fullest potential. Vary the intensity of support as you need to.

Our mission is a world united, and it starts within each one of us.

When you become a member of Collective Gain you are committing to your evolution for the betterment of your life and another's. Each member who joins generates a free membership for a human being who through necessity or choice is starting life over. Meet our give-back partners.

How It Works

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Select Support Level

Decide what type of support would most benefit you based on your current life and soul goals. You can increase or decrease support at any time, add on one-time sessions and grow at the pace that works for you.

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Meet Your Guide

You'll be connected to your Collective Gain guide, who will be your partner on your coaching journey. This direct point of contact can refer you to resources, practitioners and modalities to support your becoming.


Get & Give Support

Human development is just that... evolution of our species to create a more healthy and just world. For every new member you refer to Collective Gain receive a free coaching session. 

Choose Your Support Level

  • Laser Coaching

    Every month
    Self-guided coaching experience with help when you need it.
     14 day free trial
  • Group Coaching

    Every month
    Gain a new perspective that uplevels your work+life
    Valid for 3 months
  • All-Inclusive

    Private 1:1 Coaching

    Every month
    Coaching & healing support with a dedicated coaching team
Tiers CTA
I am ready to begin making changes...
What level is right for you?
I'm starting to wonder... 

You're new to personal development or you love to constantly being learning and growing. Expand perspective and gain nuggets of wisdom.

You're ready to boldly step into growth and bettering your work+life. This may be your first coaching experience or a desire to be in community.

I am ready for transformation... STAT

You have a deep desire to make changes in your life and the urgency you feel to make them is high. Feel the difference immediately.

Laser Coaching

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

For Mindful Companies

felt more inspired & motivated in their role during coaching.

coaching has enabled them to perform their best at work.

experienced a boost in clarity, productivity and focus.

Support your people, strengthen your company.

Engagement and retention are not created through tactical initiatives.

They are embodied through feeling, connection and purpose. 

With Collective Gain you have the ability to support your teams with scalable, whole-human personal development that benefits everyone. No longer is coaching reserved for the C-suite or select performers; coaching is the foundation to open, self-aware and connected teams that will build the next generation of products and services that benefit everyone.

Turnkey  |  Scalable  |  Effective 

A few of the results from our corporate programs:






The smartest investment compounds and is lasting. Partnering with us is just that.

Invest in the yet unmanifest.





Why holistic coaching is so important.

Our behavior is determined by the system we are in AND our subconscious beliefs (formed truths).  For most individuals, both of these areas are blind spots.


Understanding of the systems of work, race, family dynamics, industry, upbringing, etc have on our way of being is critical to change thinking, behavior and therefore outcomes. Collective Gain coaching disrupts common thinking. It questions our choices, how we decide to behave, and what rules we live under that guide our life+work. 


Holistic coaching brings all factors to the table, those seen and those which cannot be seen, to empower one to see through the false truths and toward new possibility.

Our coaching is not focused on new skill development. It's focused on real human development. People emerge with a new state of awareness and a more dynamic way to see life+work.

This is accomplished through coaching that spans science (mind+body) and mysticism (spirit+energy). It's only when we can accept the grand mystery of life that we can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Our beliefs are often unexamined and unknown to even ourselves. They drive our action/in-action.


Our feelings are based on our beliefs. They are not accurate of truth, they are accurate of a point of view.


Our decisions are the manifestation and real-world evidence of what we believe to be true.

We must dive into the depths of who we are to emerge as who we want to be.

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