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Self Discovery and Understanding Your Personal Process

If you've been following Collective Gain for a while, you may have heard me speak about the topic of self-discovery and how each of us has a uniquely personal process for growth. It was previously recorded on a podcast series we hosted focused on helping professionals find flow and ease in work+life.

I wanted to share this snippet of an episode I recorded about what process means, and how embracing process in life can be a game-changer for you as a Type-A, go-getter professional. I explore how you can say yes to your own process, leaving judgment aside and instead embrace a non-linear understanding of how growth unfolds in your life.

>> Download the recording HERE <<

There’s an interesting thing that I’ve noticed about life when you say yes to something in any given moment (a job, a partner, a habit), you say yes to a whole bunch of experiences that stem from that one decision, our entire life stems from one choice that leads to another and another.

Just like anything in life, we like to believe that the moment something starts, that it is set in stone. That how the experience has been is how it will be. A new job, a new relationship, a new way of life... contains a million other experiences that continually require a yes to continue down that path.

This is because life is a process, nothing is stagnant. Everything and everyone in life is in a constant state of becoming... even if they are in year 1 of a process that will develop over 10 years.

I want us to look at our lives, our work, our relationships as an unfolding process that lead us to different types of life experiences, many that are often unexpected. It's as is we know deep down that when we say yes to something we want we also say yes to so much known that will unfold along the journey.

When we have that desire to rush the process and we get impatient, it’s often not because we so badly want the result, it is because we’re in fear that what we want is never going to happen: a relationship, a new habit, a life event.

If you’re in a place of wishing things would happen right now (instead of allowing them to unfold in your life), allow for self-compassion and become thankful for the moment you're in - in each and every moment we know all there is to know. This mindset builds trust and calm if we can continually stay present.

Another way to step aside from the grips of fear is to look to the natural world for an example of how change and process happen: fruit on a tree doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a whole process of things to create fruit, first a seed, then a sapling, then a tree, then flowers, bees, and growth.

It’s difficult to see where you are on the path of growth. Sometimes the thing you most desire is just one step away, and sometimes you have several experiences to go through before you arrive at exactly what you want.

My invitation for you, if you are questioning where you are in your process, is to lean into the experiences and the events that are happening right now. Have faith that they are leading you right to where you should be, and that you are in process right now. While nothing can help rush natural order and our own unfolding (which can be so frustrating for Type A people), fighting, procrastinating or wishing your process was different can slow it down and delay the outcome you seek.

If you take away anything from this recording, embrace self-compassion for yourself while you’re in the process, and have faith that life is unfolding for you. When there’s an opening, you have a choice to step forward into the processes, knowing that life has been there helping you all along... and will continue to if you let it.


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I started Collective Gain out of a desire make work better, where being on a magic team was the norm vs. a rare chance occurrence. Through coaching, I discovered deep self-awareness, new perspectives and ways of working that I am passionate about bringing to you.

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